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Event Guide
Planning Introduce the people involved at the event and their roles
Plan a schedule to include all tasks to be undertaken by whom
Produce an event planning and the arrangements to be booked
Arrange the necessary meetings with the planning team
Accounts Collect and negotiate with suppliers and venues for fees and costs
Prepare the event budget and the final set of accounts
Venue, Accommodation and Transport Book the venue of your preference and provide with the event schedule
Confirm and book the travel tickets, the hotel accommodation and the transportation if it is necessary
Provide hospitality desks at airports and files of useful tourist information
Audio Visual Equipment, Music and Staging Decide on what equipment is required (staging, audio, lighting, microphones)
Decide on the kind of music
Draw up an Audio Visual production schedule
Contact Ktima Laniti to arrange the necessary audio visual equipment you may need
Delegate registration Produce the necessary website & brochures
Send out invitations and related documents
Delegate Information Promote the website, information packs & brochures
Produce of delegate attendee list with contact details and name badges if necessary
Marketing & PR plan Draw up sponsors proposals to support the event
Draw up a media action plan with timescales to promote the event
Draw up an advertising plan to advertise the event
Delegate Requirements Confirm the final number and attendees name
Corporate gifts and giveaways
Liaison with the venues regarding accommodation and final arrangements 
1 week before Coordinate with Ktima Laniti and provide all the necessary equipment
1 day before Provide Ktima Laniti with any administrative assistance like brochures for the event
Supply of flowers and arrangements
Provide any additional necessary equipment